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smartphones with

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$0 down and no finance charges.  Seriously


Tax due at sale. Req's well-qual. credit, installment agmt & svc. If svc. is canceled device balance is due. Activation/upgrade (up to $25), other fees, charges & restr's apply.

See $0 down details.

Req's 30 or 24-mo. 0% APR agmt & qual. wireless svc. If service is canceled, device balance is due. Upgrade elig. once 80% of device cost is paid on

AT&T Next (eligible in two years or earlier if you have a down payment) and 50% with AT&T Next Every Year (eligible each year or earlier if you make a

down payment). Upgrade req's trade-in of financed smartphone or one of the same make/model in fully functional & good physical condition.





*Taxes due at sale. $0 down req's well-qualified credit; 0% APR 30 or 24-mo. installment agreement & eligible svc. (which is extra). If svc. is canceled,

device balance is due. $25 activation/upgrade & other fees, charges & restr's apply.

*A 30% down payment may be req'd.





Questions? We have answers.

What happened to 2-year service contracts that

include subsidies?


AT&T does not offer 2-year service contracts on smartphones.

Do I own the smartphone? Or is this a leasing offer?


The smartphone is yours, and you're responsible for the monthly installment payments. You're also responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to the smartphone- both during the installment

agreement period and afterward. We recommend you purchase

the optional mobile insurance to protect your investment.

Can I purchase any smartphone with AT&T Next or

AT&T Next Every Year?


Yes, AT&T Next and AT&T Next Every Year are available purchase options with any smartphone.

Can I pay off my smartphone early?


Yes, you have the option to pay off the remaining balance of your installment agreement in full at any time.

AT&T NEXT OR AT&T NEXT EVERY YEAR: For smartphones only. Divides retail price into monthly installments. Requires 0% APR monthly installment agreement and eligible service. Tax due at sale. $0 down requires well-qualified credit or a 30% down-payment option is available. Pay more up front and the remainder of retail price is divided into 30 or 24 monthly installments. AT&T Next: 30-month agreement with trade-in to upgrade when 80% of retail price is paid off. AT&T Next Every Year: 24-month agreement with trade-in to upgrade when 50% of retail price is paid off. Service: Eligible postpaid service (voice and data) is required and extra. If service is canceled, remaining installment agreement balance is due. Example: $749.99 retail price (1) on AT&T Next is $0 down and $25 per month or $225 down and $17.50 per month; or (2) on AT&T Next Every Year is $0 down and $31.25 per month or $225 down and $21.88 per month. Activation or upgrade fee: $25. No upgrade fee for line with a smartphone purchase on an installment agreement prior to August 1, 2015. Waiver of fee subject to change. Upgrade with eligible trade-in: Requires payment of percentage of retail price (50% or 80%): account in good standing; trade-in of financed device (or one of the same make and model) in good physical, and fully functional, condition through the AT&T Next and AT&T Next Every Year trade-in program (excludes AT&T trade-in program); and purchase of new eligible smartphone with qualified wireless service. After upgrade, unbilled installments are waived. Restocking fee: Up to $45. Limits: Eligibility, credit approval & other restr's apply (see your Retail installment Agmnt).


GEN. WIRELESS SVC: Subj. to Wireless Customer Agmt ( Deposit: May apply. Limits: Purch. limits apply. Prices may vary by location. Credit approval, taxes, fees, monthly, other charges, usage, speed, coverage & other restr's apply per line. See for details on fees & charges. Pricing, terms & restr's subject to change & may be modified or terminated at any time without notice. AT&T service is subject to AT&T network management policies, see for details.

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