Do more with your data

Stream more video on the go with your same data package at a quality similar to DVD (about 480p). Extend your data so you can surf more, play harder, and enjoy more of what you love on your smartphone or tablet.* Best of all, you won't have to pay more for Stream Saver.



*Our most popular plans with data will include the Stream Saver feature which allows you to save data on content it recognizes as video by streaming higher definition video at Standard Definition quality on compatible devices. (unless the video provider has opted out). AT&T will activate this feature for you. Check your account online to see if the feature is active. Once active you can turn it off or back on at any time online. Stream Saver will not recognize all video content. Ability to stream and video resolution may vary, and be affected by other factors. Restrictions apply.

 Leave it on or turn it off any time


Stream Saver is automatically turned on for eligible lines on your account. To check if Stream Saver has been turned on, or to turn it off for one or multiple lines, log in to your account via myAT&T.


For AT&T GoPhone® customers, Stream Saver will be turned on for qualifying new activations and rate plan changes. For all other eligible accounts, we will notify you when it is turned on for your account. You may turn it off or back on at at any time.

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